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Thanks to everyone who supported us for our Holiday Special Dinner in December!

We're welcoming the beginning of 2021 with a Special Dinner on Saturday, Jan 23rd!

The menu for the Special Dinner is as follows!


Appetizers - Cheese Borek, Carrot Salad w/Yogurt, Sauteed Sweet Peppers

Choice of Lentil Soup or Mixed Greens Salad

Entrees - Lamb Shank wrapped with Eggplant, Allspice Cinnamon Chicken, Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Dessert - Revani (Semolina Cake w/ Orange)


Here are some pictures to satisfy your hunger until the dinner!






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Please give us a call at (734)-662-1711 or send us an e-mail at ayse@aysescafe.com

Please advise the number of guests, day, and the time desired. We will get back to you shortly.

Thank you!